IAPI Annual Scientific Meeting 2019

Event Date
22 - 24 November 2019
08.00 - 17.00 WITA
Novotel Hotel
Jl. Brigjen Ery Suparjan No. 2 Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76112
Start from
Rp 3.000.000




October 15th, 2019 : announcement for Poster Presentation and Oral Presentation

October 30th, 2019 : CLOSE REGISTRATION



Pathologists play an important role in establishing diagnosis for disease, therapy and prognosis. Progression in this personalized medicine era challenge pathologists to continuously update their knowledge without leaving the basic of pathology: histopathology and cytopathology diagnosis. As a special field in pathology, clinical autopsy becomes an important additional  skill for pathologists. 

By actively participating in various scientific meetings, pathologists are anticipated to broaden their perspectives and furthermore giving real contribution toward  better patient care. As part of this continuing professional development, The Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 of IAPI will be held on November 22 – 24, 2019 in Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur. Prior to meeting, Pre-meeting Uropathology and Gynecology Workshop will be held on November 21, 2019.



Theme of The Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 of IAPI is Histopathology-Cytopathology Diagnosis in Personalized Medicine Era and Clinical Autopsy Update. We provide rich scientific program, elite lecturers, discussions, and scientific presentations. In addition to scientific program, there will be many opportunities on learning and  networking  as well as exciting social events.



  1. To refresh and increase the knowledge in histopathology and cytopathology diagnosis.

  2. To increase the knowledge in clinical autopsy as one of pathological aspect and skill.

  3. To increase the sense of scientific creativity of residents of anatomical pathology by competing in poster, case report, or research category.

  4. To tighten the community relationship between pathologists and residents of anatomical pathology in Indonesia.



The scope of activities that wil be held during this event is IAPI Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 and Pre-meeting Uropathology and Ginekologi Workshop.



The participants of IAPI Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 is approximately 400 persons including pathologists and residents of Anatomical Pathology in Indonesia.



Series of programs that wil be held during the event:

  1. Pre-meeting Workshop  (21 November, 2019)

    • Uropathology Workshop

    • Gynecology Workshop

  1. Annual Scientific Meeting (22-24 November 2019)

    • Ethical Aspect in Pathology

    • Clinical Autopsy

    • Lung Cytology

    • Specimen Preparation and Molecular Targetted Therapy in Lung Cancer

    • Pap’s Smear Cytology

    • Histopathology dan Cytology Diagnosis of Pancreas

    • Histopathology dan Cytology Diagnosis of Thyroid

    • Fluid Cytology

    • Bone and Soft Tissue Cytology

    • Gynecology pathology Session

    • Breast pathology Session

    • Patient Safety  




Speakers                                                  From

1          Blake Gilks                                 University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada

2          Gary MK Tse                              The Chinese University of Hong Kong

3          George Netto                              UAB Unversity Hospital USA

4          Jagdish Butany                           University of Toronto

5          Tan Puay Hoon                          Singapore General Hospital

6          Philip Ip                                     The Hong Kong College of Pathologists

7          Diana Lim                                  National University Health System, Singapore

8          Syarifuddin Wahid                     FK UNHAS / RSUP dr. Wahidin Makassar

9          Heriawaty Hidayat                     RSUP Persahabatan Jakarta

10        Didik Setyo Heriyanto               FK UGM / RSUP dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta

11        Etty Hary Kusumastuti              FK UNAIR / RSUD dr. Soetomo Surabaya

12        Lisnawati Rachmadi                  FKUI / RSUPN dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta

13        Marini Stephanie                       FKUI / RSUPN dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta

14        Hasrayati Agustina                    FK UNPAD / RSUP dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung

15        Sjahjenny Mustokoweni            FK UNAIR / RSUD dr. Soetomo Surabaya

16        Meilania Saraswati                    FK UI / RSUPN dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta

17        Anny Setijo Rahaju                   FK UNAIR / RSUD dr.Soetomo Surabaya

18        Hanggoro Tri Rinonce              FK UGM / RSUP dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta

19        Hartono Tjahjadi                       FK UI / RSUPN dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta

20        Endang SR Hardjolukito          Rumah Sakit Premier Bintaro Tangerang

21        Bethy S Hernowo                     FK UNPAD/ RSUP dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung

22        Irianiwati Widodo                    FK UGM/ RSUP dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta


Contact person

For symposium           :

dr. Yulita,SpPA           : 0812 2183 340

For Accomodation      :

Mrs.Widya                 : 0878 8540 3076


How to Register

1. Select ticket category down below

2. Fill out the forms to get a registration ID

3. Make payments to Bank Mandiri 1490 0109 983 77 a/n Yulita Pundewi Setyorini .

4. Enter the link sent to email or open the Event page to do Payment Confirmations by fill in the forms & attach payment receipt. Time limit is 2 days after until payment completed and make payment confirmations. If within 2 days we do not receive payment confirmation, you will have to re-register (Repeat Step 1)

5. Please wait for our team to confirm payment, and we will inform your ticket via Email.

6. Registration done, Open your email to view your ticket.

7. Whether you have any inquiries regarding accommodation, please Email to:

*all registration fee are non-refundable



We cordially invite you to submit an abstract of original research, case report, and research proposal on all fields of Pathology and Cytology. Only original scientific material which has not been previously published or presented at a meeting will be accepted


Instruction for Abstract Submission

  • Registration to the congress is mandatory to be able to present the abstract and get it published in the abstract book.
  • All submission must follow the instruction and advice on how to submit the manuscripts
  • The abstract must be written both in Bahasa and English language
  • The abstract should be typed using Times New Roman font, single-spaced, formatted for A4 paper leaving margins of 2,5 cm (1 inch)
  • Write your abstract in accordance to the Abstract Template (download here)
  • Authors must submit their abstract by email to
  • Please write : abstract_registration number (example : abstract_19-009-0026) in the subject of your email
  • The comittee will decide abstract that meet requirement for oral and poster presentation
  • Please notice and follow the deadline:
  • Deadline for abstract submission: September 30th, 2019  23.59 WITA
  • Authors notified of acceptance : October 20th, 2019


Abstract For Original Research

  • Abstract  should be no more than 250 words, summarizing the problem being considered and how the study was performed under the following headings:
  • Background: Address the background and rationale for the study
  • Objective: State the precise objective or study question addressed
  • Methods: Define the basic design, procedures, and/or setting in which the study was conducted
  • Result and Discussion: Descript the result and the state argumentation
  • Conclusion
  • Keywords: Provides 3 to 5 words for indexing and type one space below the body of abstract


Abstract for case report

  • Abstract for case report should be no more than 250 words and contain the following headings:
  •  Background : State the significance of the issue and importance of the case(s)
  • Case Description : Define the case(s) presented, pertinent attendant issues, histopathological features and ancillary testing if performed
  • Discussion and conclusion: State the argumentation why the case is unique
  • Keywords: Provide 3 to 5 words for indexing and type one space below the body of abstract


Abstract for Research Proposal

  • The abstract should be no more than 250 words, summarizing the problem being considered and how the study was performed under the following headings:
  • Background: Address the background and rationale for the study
  • Objective: State the precise objective or study question addressed
  • Methods: Define the basic design, procedures, and/or setting in which the study was conducted


Should you have more queries, please contact:

Email address:

The scientific committee: dr. Herryanto, SpPA  (0813 3012 1123)


Registration Fee

(Early Bird) Resident
Until 31 August 2019
Rp 3.000.000
(Early Bird) Pathologist
Until 31 August 2019
Rp 3.500.000
1 September - 30 October 2019
Rp 3.500.000
1 September - 30 October 2019
Rp 4.000.000
Rp 0

Already Registered?

Please make and confirm your payment within the period of time sent to you. If within those period of time you have not confirm the payment, please re-register.


  1. Dr Evalina P Manurung, SpPA
  2. Dr. Vinesia Lestari Riddi, SpPA
  3. Dr. Evi Darwin SpPA
  4. Dr. Renaningtyas Tambun, SpPA
  5. Dr. Nunung Ainur Rahmah, SpPA
  6. Upik Anderiani Miskad
  7. Birgitta M Dewayani, dr., SpPA(K),MKes
  8. Anny Setijo Rahaju,dr., SpPA(K)
  9. dr.Liza Suryani Dewi, SpPA, MSi.Med.
  10. dr.Adjeg Tarius, SpPA, MH.
  11. Sri Suryanti
  12. Bethy S Hernowo
  13. Hasrayati Agustina
  14. Dr. Huratio Nelson, SpPA
  15. Dr. Hermin Aminah Usman dr.,SpPA(K)
  16. dr. KARTIKA SARI, Sp. PA
  17. Dr. Janet Julianita, SpPA
  18. dr Pieri Kumaladewi, SpPA, MH
  20. Afiati dr.SpPA(K).MMKes
  21. dr Herry Yulianti, SpPA(K)., M.Kes
  22. Dr. dr. Diah Rini Handjari, SpPA(K)
  23. dr. Hanggoro Tri Rinonce, PhD., SpPA(K)
  24. Dr. dr. Rita Cempaka S, SpPA
  25. dr. Nungki Anggorowati, PhD., SpPA(K)
  26. dr. Naomi Yoshuantari, SpPA
  27. dr. Dewiyani Indah Widasari, PhD., SpPA
  28. dr. Auliya Suluk Brilliant Sumpono, SpPA
  29. Dr.Rina Melati, Sp.PA
  30. Teguh Kuncoro
  31. Dr. dr. Ahmad Ghozali, SpPA(K)
  32. dr. Totok Utoro, D.Med.Sc., SpPA(K)
  33. dr. Endang Soetristi, SpPA(K)
  34. dr. Elisabeth Soekarti, SpPA(K)
  35. Dr. dr. Irianiwati, SpPA(K)
  36. dr. Urfan Mafazan
  37. Dr. dr. Indrawati, SpPA(K)
  38. dr. Ery Kus Dwianingsih, PhD., SpPA(K)
  39. dr. Didik Setyo Heriyanto, PhD., SpPA(K)
  40. dr Suka Dwi Rahardja, SpPA
  41. dr. Ika Pawitra M, M.Kes, Sp.PA
  42. dr. Linda Fatrisia,SpPA
  43. dr. Vera Damajanti, SpPA(K)
  44. dr. Jane Kosasih, SpPA
  45. dr. Lini Sunaryo, Sp.PA, MIAC
  46. Fenny Ariyanni
  47. dr. Hasna Dewi, Sp.PA.,M.Kes.
  48. dr. Oemie Kalsum, SpPA
  49. dr. Bidari Kameswari, SpPA
  51. dr. Suly Auline Rusminan, SpPA
  52. dr. Dewi Djumharjati, SpPA
  53. dr.Kurnia Arik Nugroho, Sp.PA
  54. dr. Heni Maulani, SpPA(K)
  55. dr. Ika Kartika, SpPA (K)
  56. Dr. Meiske Margaretha, M.Biomed, Sp.PA
  57. Dr. Syaugi,SpPA
  58. dr. Jimmy R.P. Tellusa, Sp.PA
  59. dr. Sri Hidayah Nurlela Syafiie, SpPA
  60. Fairuz
  61. dr.Desak Putu Oki Lestari, M.Biomed, Sp.PA
  62. Dr. Jimmy Rachmat Gunawan Hadisubroto, Sp.PA
  63. Meianti Harjani, dr,SpPA
  64. dr Alief Yudo Astuti SpPA
  65. Poppy Magdalena Lintong,SpPA(K)
  66. dr Vienna Alodia L
  67. dr Adi Arianto, M.Biomed
  68. dr. Erry Aries A
  69. dr. Deschairul
  70. dr. Ledisda Apriana
  71. dr. Fenny Halim
  72. dr. Atikah
  73. dr. Sonny Yanuar
  74. dr. Ahmad Syarif
  75. dr. Franky Yusuf
  76. dr. Puspa Agrina
  77. dr. Siti Kharidah, Sp. PA
  78. dr. Jessica Winoto
  79. dr. Nurjati Chairani Siregar, MS, PhD, SpPA(K)
  80. Dr. dr. Primariadewi Rustamadji, MM, SpPA(K)
  81. dr. Sutjahjo Endardjo, MSc, SpPA(K)
  82. dr. Jayatun Purwani, SpPA
  83. dr.Indera Karo Karo,Sp.PA
  84. Dr.dr.Rina Masadah, M.Phil., Sp.PA(K)
  85. dr. Diana Mayasari, Sp.PA
  86. dr.Rusnita,Sp.PA
  87. dr. FITRIANA, Sp.PA
  88. dr. Raudatul Janah, Sp.PA
  89. Dr. dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes, Sp.PA
  90. dr. Hermawan Istiadi, MSiMed, SpPA
  91. Dr.Meilany Feronika Durry, MKes,SpPA
  92. Dr.Lily Lucia Loho, SpPA (K)
  93. Dr. Margaretha Lasut, SpPA
  94. Dr. dr. Awal Prasetyo, M.kes, Sp.THT-KL
  95. dr. Emillia Wijayanti, Sp.PA
  96. dr. Rahmi Alia, Sp.PA
  97. Dr. dr. Indra Wijaya, Sp.PA(K)
  98. dr. Siti Amarwati, Sp.PA(K)
  99. dr. Meira Dewi Kusuma Astuti, MSi Med, SpPA(K)
  100. dr. Nadia Nur Lestari, Sp.PA
  101. Lysa Veterini
  102. dr. Lina Damayanti, Msi Med, Sp.PA
  103. Dr. Gandi Haryono, SpPA
  104. dr. Dik Puspasari, Sp.PA (K)
  105. dr. Venni Yuliantini, SpPA
  106. Dr.dr. Sony Sugiharto, Sp.PA
  107. dr. Marini Stephanie, SpPA(K)
  108. dr. Etis Primastari
  109. dr. Devia Eka Listiana, MSi Med, SpPA
  111. Dr. dr. Lisnawati, SpPA(K)
  112. dr. Ester Lianawati Antoro Sp.PA
  113. Prof. dr. Soebowo, Sp.PA(K)
  114. dr. Lili Sumarni Sp. PA
  115. Dianti Lestari
  116. dr. Sofa Primatir
  117. dr. Siti Mardiyah SpPA
  118. dr. Mardhiah Gaffar, SpPA
  119. dr. Patricia Fransisca Julianty, SpPA
  120. dr. Fadhlina Muharmi Harahap, SpPA
  121. dr. Soffian Effendy Sp.PA
  122. Prof. Dr. dr. Nia Kania, Sp.PA(K)
  123. dr. Wahyu Tri Widayati, Sp PA
  124. dr. Woro Dwi Astuti, Sp.PA.
  125. Dr. dr. Ika Kustiyah Oktaviyanti, M.Kes. Sp.PA
  126. Jeni Poniman
  127. Dina hernawati
  128. dr.Edi Kerina Sembiring, M.Ked(PA),Sp.PA
  129. dr.Amalia Yamin, M.Kes, Sp.PA
  130. Fanny Kamarudy Lay
  131. Yunnica
  132. dr. Benyamin Makes, SpPA(K)
  135. Mariana
  136. Indri windarti
  137. dr. Indrayanti, SpPA
  138. dr. Etty Hary Kusumastuti.,Sp.PA(K).,FIAC
  139. Trinny Tuna
  140. Dr. Resti Arania Sp. PA
  141. Dr Budiningsih Siregar MS,SpPA(K)
  142. Dr. Barliana ,Sp.PA
  143. dr. Citra Dewi, SpPA(K)
  144. Novan Adi Setyawan, dr. spPA
  145. dr. Veenda Herlyna Pertiwi, MARS, Sp. PA
  146. dr. Fitria Rahmitasari, SpPA
  147. dr Nida Sufrida SpPA,M.Kes
  148. dr.Dayanto Indro Utomo.SpPA
  149. Heru Fajar Trianto
  151. Juanita Sutanto, MKes, SpPA
  152. Imeldy Prihatni Purnama, MKes, SpPA
  153. Ni Ketut Sungowati, SpPA (K)
  154. dr. Shinta Andi Sarasati
  155. Budiana Tanurahardja
  156. dr. Tuti Lismayarni, Sp.PA
  157. Prof. Mpu Kanoko, PhD, SpPA(K)
  158. dr. Griesinta Trianty Andria Pinahayu
  159. dr. Aris Rosidah
  160. Agus Suharto
  161. dr. Ellis Fasta Martiana, Sp. PA
  162. dr. Stella Marleen, SpPA
  163. Prof. Dr. Endang Joewarini,dr.,Sp.PA(K)
  164. Eva Pravitasari Nefertiti, dr.,Sp.PA
  165. dr. Lia Damayanti, M.Biomed, SpPA
  166. dr. Ening Krisnuhoni, MS, SpPA(K)
  167. dr. Nur Rahadiani, PhD, SpPA(K)
  168. dr Shirley Kristina Jamidi SpPA
  169. Dr.dr.Dody Novrial, M.Si.Med, Sp.PA
  170. dr. Ladyna Rumapar Sp.PA
  171. dr. Irene Lingkan Parengkuan
  172. dr Kiki Ulfaningtyas
  173. dr. Rita Ervina
  174. dr berlian anggraeni putri
  175. dr. Henny Sulastri, SpPA (K)
  176. dr. Fifie Julianita, SpPA
  177. dr. Eko Nugroho Raharjo,SpPA,MKes.
  178. Meilania Saraswati
  179. dr. Familia Bella, SpPA
  180. dr. FITRIA, Sp.PA
  181. dr. Hasnaini
  182. dr. Dini Andri Utami
  183. dr. Nana Liana
  184. dr. Valencia
  185. dr. Maya Damayanti,Sp.PA
  186. dr. Yessy Setiawati
  187. dr. Friede Rismayanti Saragih, Sp.PA
  188. dr. Jimmy Hadi Widjaja,Sp.PA
  189. Fety Riani
  190. Sutrisno
  191. dr Deassy Ariefiany Sp.PA
  192. dr. Kaspul Anwar, Sp.PA
  193. dr. Fripamaya Muniah, SpPA
  194. Fresia Juwitasari Wongkar
  195. dr. Yusfita Efi Rosdiana, Sp.PA
  196. Dyah Ari Nuraida, dr, MSi.Med,Sp.PA
  197. Dr. Rahmadani,SpPA
  198. dr. Henky Hartono, SpPA
  199. dr. Aswiyanti Asri, Msi.Med, Sp.PA (K)
  200. dr. Tofrizal, M.Biomed, Sp.PA, PhD
  201. dr. Yulie Erida Nur Rahmawati.Sp.PA
  202. dr. Endang Sri Roostini Hardjolukito, MS, SpPA(K)
  203. dr. Maria Niasari, SpPA
  204. Rebecca Agustine Kristian
  205. Ariadna Anggi Pasang
  206. Pamela Kusumadewi Putri Thaib
  207. DENNI
  208. deflen jumatul sastri
  209. Maria Reynelda Santoso
  211. dr. Kenty Wantri Anita, M. Kes, Sp. PA
  212. Dr. dr. Karyono Mintaroem Sp. PA
  213. dr. Arif Satria Hardika, Sp. PA
  214. dr. Hendy Setyo Yudhanto, Sp. PA
  216. dr. Amal Hayati
  217. dr. Kus Hardjanti, SpPA
  218. dr. Prabowo Soemarto, SpPA
  219. Sofian Anwar.,dr.,SpPA
  220. Lianti Widjanarko
  221. dr.Nani Widjaja, Msi.Med.,Sp.PA
  222. dr. Adeodata Lily Wibisono, M.Ked(PA), Sp.PA
  223. dr. Ricky Alianto, M.Ked(PA), Sp.PA
  224. dr. Sofia Pranacipta
  225. dr. Anna Mariana, M.Ked.(PA)
  226. dr. Rizmeyni Azima, M.Ked.(PA)
  227. dr. Irwandi, M.Ked.(PA)
  228. Leonita Agustin H
  229. dr. Roza Rita, M.Ked(PA), Sp.PA
  230. Dr. Inas Susanti MARS, Sp.PA
  231. Ester Asima Novianty Iriana
  232. dr. Ineke Anggreani
  233. dr. Ni Ketut Ari Widhiasih, M.Biomed, SpPA
  234. Nurdhani Hi Djafar
  235. dr. Yanu Kintoro Sudibya, Sp.PA
  236. dr. Ika Fi'ila Sari
  237. dr. Mona Oktarina Zubaidah Djafaar, Sp.PA
  239. Gusti Rizky Prasetya
  240. dr. Fadhilaturrahmi, M.Ked.(PA)
  241. Fita Trisnawati
  242. Edward Imanuel Simon dr, Sp PA
  243. Agung Dwi Suprayitno
  245. Dr.Devi serevina.SpPA
  246. AL ICHSAN, dr., SpPA.
  247. Prof. dr. Sutisna Himawan, SpPA(K)
  248. Halidah Rahawarin
  249. Lailatul Fitriyah
  250. dr Noor Yazid, SpPA (K)
  251. Beby Suci Damayanti
  252. Laila Isra
  253. dr. Bonita Prawirodihardjo, SpPA, M.Kes
  254. dr. Haslindah dahlan
  255. Zahra Nurusshofa dr., SpPA
  257. Novalia Chumaladewi Guntarno
  258. dr. Anandia Putriyuni, Sp.PA
  259. dr. Faradilla Anwar, M.Kes., Sp.PA
  260. dr. Hani Andriani
  261. dr. Aryanti
  262. dr. ALI MASHURI, Sp.PA
  263. dr. Ni Luh Gde Sagita Dewi, SpPA
  264. dr. MARIA ULFA, SpPA
  265. Faizah Dwi Tirtasari
  266. Neviana Fitri Lestari, dr., Sp.PA
  267. Johana Sensy Leni Manna
  269. dr Riefrini Nurlaili SpPA
  270. dr. Maria Angela Putri Maharani, Sp.PA
  271. dr. Fauzan Ali Zainal Abidin
  272. dr. Akbar Maulana
  273. dr. Lestari Putri
  274. dr. Andi Susanto
  275. dr.Siska Dwiyantie Wahyuni
  276. dr. Amelia Fossetta Manatar
  277. Dr. Winny Natacia Leiwakabessy, M.Kes., Sp.PA
  278. dr. Nastassa Gipsyianti
  279. dr. Madurasmi, SpPA
  280. Dr Yenni Wisudarma Sp, PA
  281. dr. Rini Syahrani Harahap, M.Ked(PA), Sp.PA
  282. dr. Hadi Irawiraman, SpPA, M.Kes
  283. dr. Eny Soesilowati
  284. dr. Dian Cahyanti, SpPA
  285. Dr. Aswidah, M.Kes, Sp.PA
  286. dr. Agustine Tinambunan, Sp.PA
  287. dr. Widya Savitri
  289. Dr. Tuti Andayani,SpPA
  290. Desi Puspita, dr.,Sp.Pa
  291. Dr. Rini yulia, SpPA
  292. Syifa Frieda Giovani
  293. dr.Billy Parulian Lubis,Sp.PA
  294. dr. Yulita Pundewi Setyorini, MPH, Sp.PA
  295. Katrin Rotua Simbolon
  296. dr.Novita Dewi,SpPA
  297. dr.Rismayanti Amran Tandjung, Sp.PA
  298. dr. Baiq Ratna Kumaladewi
  300. dr. Muina Sp.PA,M.Biomed
  301. dr.Welly Hartono Ruslim, SpPA
  302. dr.Henny Sri Rejeki
  303. Olivia Desty Sabunga
  304. Aisyah Ameliah Marissa
  305. Gusti Deasy Wilda Ariani
  306. Astuti
  307. Dr. Irmawati Hassan, Sp.PA
  308. Vira Yasmina Ramadhani
  309. Nurwahida Achmad
  310. Sitti Fatimah
  311. dr. Cahyono Kaelan,PhD,SpPA(K)
  312. Ni Kadek Ayu Maya Damayanti
  313. dr. Selly Alinta Syukri, SpPA
  315. Noza Hilbertina
  316. Hilda Santosa
  317. Futriani
  318. Popi Imelda Margareth Sitompul
  319. I Made Wirya Sastra
  320. Ivana Juliarty Sitanggang
  321. Kadek Agus Suhardinatha Putra
  322. dr. Susanto Winarko, M.Biomed., Sp.PA
  323. Muchamad Ridotu Solichin
  324. dr. Winta Mayanti SpPA
  325. Syarifuddin Wahid Prof. Dr. SpPA (K)
  327. dr. Indra Yacob, M.ked(PA)
  328. dr. Sartika Nurwenda, Sp. PA
  329. dr. Anna Maria Tjoanto, Sp.PA
  330. Prof. Dr. Ambar Mudigdo, dr., SpPA(K)
  331. Riadi
  332. dr. Safitri Andriana, SpPA
  333. dr. Rina Effendi, SpPA
  334. Dr.Dewi Jantika Sp.PA
  335. dr. Nursanti Apriyani, SpPA, MARS
  336. dr Weny Yusnita, Sp.PA
  337. dr. Erisca Ayu Utami
  338. dr. Herlina
  339. Brian Wasita, dr.,Sp.PA,Ph.D
  340. dr. Mezfi Unita, SpPA(K)
  341. dr.Lili Ananta Saputra
  342. dr Kistijandono, Sp.PA
  343. Dr. dr. Anak Agung Ayu Ngurah Susraini, Sp.PA(K)
  344. dr. Yolanda Manule
  345. Jane Magdalena Kalatiku
  346. dr .fitrikalinda,M.Ked(PA)
  347. dr.Suriany, M.Ked.(PA)
  348. Dr. dr. I Gusti Ayu Sri Mahendra Dewi, Sp.PA(K)
  349. dr. I Made Gotra, Sp.PA
  350. dr. asnawati madjri Sp.PA
  351. dr. Petronella Purba, SpPA
  352. Ita Ellyana
  353. Chusnul Chotimah
  354. dr Ismaiyah Sp.PA
  355. dr. Kukuh Sugi Laksana, SpPA
  356. dr. Ni'mah Hayati, SpPA
  357. dr. Astri Aditya Wardhani
  358. dr. Ratna Setyawati, SpPA
  359. Dr.Novi Trian,SpPA
  360. Dr.Elda Rusnita,SpPA
  361. dr. Rovi Panji Mustiko Aji, SpPA
  362. dr. Tania Maretna, M.Ked (PA), Sp.PA
  363. dr. Nunik Hapsari Susilowati Sp.PA
  364. dr. Hilda Fitriyani, M.Ked (PA), Sp.PA
  365. dr. Tri Puji Asmiati, M. Ked (PA), Sp. PA
  366. Fennisia Wibisono
  367. dr. I Wayan Juli Sumadi, S.Ked, Sp.PA
  368. M.Taufik Siregar
  369. Dr Valentina Ismetiah Bitticaca
  370. Priangga Adi Wiratama
  371. dr. Wiwit Ade Fidiawati, M.Biomed, SpPA
  372. dr. Dyah Marianigrum, SpPA
  373. dr. Pillipus Resar Andreano, SpPA
  374. dr. Fitri Dewi Ismida, M. Ked(PA),SpPA
  375. dr. Nurbaiti, M.Kes., Sp.PA
  376. Faroek Hoesin,dr.,Sp.PA(K)
  377. Syamsu Rijal
  378. Dyah Fauziah,dr.,Sp.PA(K)
  379. Duti Sriwati Azis,dr.,Sp.PA
  380. Dr. Prima roosandris,SpPA
  381. dr.Indah Burdang,Sp.PA,M.Kes.
  382. Sjahjenny Mustokoweni,dr., Sp. PA (K)
  383. Rakhmat setiawan
  384. dr. Yosinta Snak, SpPA
  385. dr. Neti
  386. Ris Kristiana, dr., SpPA
  387. dr. Agus Koesmawan Sp.PA
  388. Rizki Hanriko
  389. dr. Suga Trisakti Anggawidjaja SpPA
  390. dr Irmayani Sinaga
  391. Cheria Valentina
  392. Dr. Desi Aliefia SpPA
  393. dr. Fiora Octrin Purba
  395. Dr. Ria Yuniarti
  396. dr. Ni Putu Ekawati, MRepro. SpPA
  397. Prof. dr. AN Kurniawan, SpPA(K)
  398. dr. Femiliana Pantekosta Andi Djawaria, Sp.PA
  399. Dr.Yuliana Sri Widhihastuti,Mkes SpPA
  400. dr. Anastasia Gandeng, Sp.PA
  401. Sindrawati
  402. dr. Ratna Handayani, SpPA
  403. dr. komala, SpPA
  404. Rizki Amaliah Rifai
  405. dr. Winiarti Gani, SpPA
  407. dr. Fajriani
  408. dr. Nur Silfiah, Sp. PA
  409. dr. Muhammad Rasyid Ridho
  410. dr. Sylvia Hilda
  411. Johan sahmulia
  413. dr. Zulkarnain Musa, SpPA
  414. dr IGM Sanies Ermawan SpPA
  415. Dr. Emil Taufik, SpPA(K)
  416. dr. Heriawaty Hidajat, SpPA
  417. dr. Ruth Emalian Sembiring, SpPA
  418. dr. Fathurrahman, Sp.PA
  419. dr. M. HUSNI CANGARA, Ph.D, DFM, SpPA
  420. Dr.dr .Lidya Imelda Laksmi,M.Ked(PA),SpPA
  421. Rizky Ifandriani Putri, MD, Path
  422. dr. Eviana Norahmawati sp. PA(K)
  423. dr. T. Ibnu Alferraly, M.Ked.(PA), Sp.PA, D.Bioeth.
  424. dr. Ren Astrid Allail Siregar, M.Ked (PA), Sp.PA
  425. dr. Theresia Hening Dwi Ambarwati
  426. Dr.dr.Delyuzar,M.Ked(PA),Sp.PA(K)
  428. dr Fitriani Lumongga,M.Ked(PA), Sp.PA
  430. Yenny Meilany Sugianto
  431. Cesilia Pipit Utami
  432. dr. Christian Bambang Sulistio, SpPA
  433. Dewa Nyoman Murti Adyaksa
  434. Febria Rizky Patikawa
  435. dr Hengky Ardian
  436. dr. Pansy Leksono, SpPA
  437. Mimie Takaria
  438. dr.Nita Sahara
  439. dr. Meryanne Elisabeth S, SpPA
  440. Arie Permata Warastridewi
  441. Ela Laelasari, dr
  442. dr. Lydia Kencana
  443. MARLINA
  444. Nurwestri Herdyastuti
  445. dr. Causa Trisna Mariedina, Sp.PA
  446. Litta Septina Mahmelia Zaid
  447. Budiarsinta
  448. Muhammad Ruhm
  449. dr. Fetty fatimah.,Sp.PA
  450. Dian yuliartha lestari
  451. Deliar Isma Waddah
  452. dr.Nurnisa,Sp.PA
  454. dr. Yovi Nitawardani SpPA
  455. dr. Retno Budiati, Sp.PA
  456. Nita Novita, dr., Sp.PA
  457. dr. Istanul Badiri, MS, Sp.PA
  458. dr. Faisal, SpPA
  459. dr. Ira Citra Ningrom, Sp. PA
  460. cempaka harsa sekarputri
  461. dr Asih Ambarsari S, SpPA
  462. Teja Koswara,dr.,Sp.PA
  464. Meike Rachmawati
  465. dr.Dahliani Waruwu, M.Ked(PA), SpPA
  466. dr. Sia, Elizabeth Ariel Setiawan
  467. dr. SRI MULYATI, SpPA
  468. dr. Bayu Perkasa Rosari
  469. dr. Patricia Diana Prasetiyo, SpPA, MHKes, M.Si.Med
  470. Ade Apon Nurhidayat
  471. dr. Carla F. Kairupan, PhD
  472. Liena suryani
  473. dr.Lisdine, Sp.PA
  474. dr. Hj. Rahmawati, MKes, SpPA
  475. dr. H. Sukirman, MARS, MKes,SpPA
  476. Dr. MIRWAN A, SpPA.
  478. Sharon Otniel Sirupa
  479. dr. AGUSRY YAKOB,Sp.PA
  480. Yasni Iryani Widiasih dr, Sp.PA
  481. Yuke Ireka dr, Sp.PA
  482. dr. Immanuel Sinuhaji, SpPA
  483. dr. Naima Abd. Kadir, Sp.PA. M.Kes
  485. Lely S Bahat dr, Sp.PA
  486. dr.Agustin Nurliani Sp.PA
  487. dr Shinta Rachma Yoeda,SpPA
  488. dr. Eka Susanto, SpPA